Prayer List

We believe in prayer. We believe God hears and answers prayer. We believe the miracles occur. We invite you to pray with us.

Germantown UMC Prayer Requests

Updated July 24, 2014


This Week’s Church Prayer Focus: Those with cancer.



1.    Our Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, and Neighbors who do not know Jesus as their Savior and our outreach to them.

2.    Members with cancer: John Robertson.

3.    Service personnel: Justin Adams (Kuwait), Jesse & Mariah Bullock (Washington), Keith Carson (Italy), Nick Eby (England), Charles Hayes (California), Richard Hinkle (Connecticut), Daniel Murdoch (South Carolina), Rich Weinel (Italy).

4.    All of our Homebound: Mary Arnold, Cleo Briggs, Mary Clark, L. Frances Smith,  Arlene Harris, Ruth Hasty, Marylou Long, Mary Lou Phares, Doris McIntosh, Edna Mefford, Margaret Smith, Barbara Stull, Mary VanOrmer, Janice Waits, Richard Waits.

5.    Our missionary Kevin Cline.

6.    For the church staff and leaders as they seek God’s guidance in serving God and leading GUMC.

7.    Our West Ohio Bishop Gregory Palmer and District Superintendent Jocelyn Roper.

8.    For the process of hiring a Director of Children’s Ministry.


Week of July 20-26

9.    Prayer Quilts: Kevin Cline (missionary in Mexico), Mary Arnold (Alzheimer’s).

10.  Gary Smith: home after being in the hospital for a leg infection.

11.  Darlene: Phlebitis.

12.  Ashley Eby: some issues with her pregnancy.

13.  Families of those who died in the Ukrainian and Air Algerie airplane crashed.

14.  Family of Bob Sorrell who passed away.

15.  Mike Miller’s mother.

16.  Daniel Harrison.

17.  Nick Miller: released to a program in Lebanon.

18.  Vicki Dursch’s father.

19.  Dennis Stone: cancer.

20.  Jeanine Stiver: hernia surgery on Wednesday.

21.  Doug Stoutenborough: leukemia.

22.  John Prater: lung cancer.

23.  Alan “Jack” Stewart: Hospice care.

24.  John Kalmbach: in hospice care.

25.  Joann Estes: receiving radiation treatments for stomach cancer.

26.  Jenny Sheer: life support, lung infection.

27.  Frank Flaugher: recovering at home from severe burns from electrocution.

28.  Praise: Lori Desch’s Father, George Deaton: no cancer.

29.  Traveling mercies.

30.  Praise: Betty Petticrew’s sister Jan doing better.

31.  A cure for Type 1 diabetes.


Week of July 13-19

32.  Jean Carr: another chemo treatment next week following ovarian cancer surgery

33.  A young woman with pre-diabetes and many personal/family issues in life which is causing a great deal of stress. Finding life & responsibilities hard to cope with.

34.  Shirley Fritz: Parkinson’s disease, will be undergoing a new treatment.

35.  Kathy Kitchel: knee injury, pain & swelling, possible torn meniscus.

36.  Barry Rieger: health issues.

37.  Amanda: college graduate, pray for her safety.

38.  Janet Payne.

39.  Kent Wingate: the pilot who crashed is now home.

40.  Sandy Smith.

41.  Chris Edmonson: brain cancer.

42.  Don: very ill, heart issues.

43.  Diana Peck: Praise, no chemo.

44.  Eileen Gardner: upper respiratory infection.

45.  Praise: Jesse Bullock has returned from Death Valley.

46.  Praise: James Firch: will be starting welding school soon.


Week of June 29-July 5

47.  Hailey Allen: young, single mother who is struggling.

48.  Marcia Lindamood’s father, Hobert Rice.

49.  The Orion Smith family. Orion’s sister Catherine Emrick passed away.

50.  Ken Smith family.

51.  Man with Stage IV lung cancer.

52.  Joyce Green’s nephew, Andrew, age 3. Immune system issues.

53.  Jake Ellis: Usher’s Syndrome.

54.  Karen Shell: unknown weight loss.

55.  Karen Morton: knee surgery went well.

56.  The family and friends of Jim Ellison who passed away.

57.  John Redick: liver infection.

58.  Kim Flaugher: sinus infection, not feeling well.

59.  Butch Midkiff: cancer.

60.  Jerry Steinmetz: cancer.

61.  Mary Long: In Atrium Hospital.

62.  Kim Flaugher’s friend: going through a divorce.

63.  Kim Flaugher’s friend: breast cancer.

64.  Quilts today: Margaret Phelps (Parkinson’s), George Deaton (colon cancer surgery), Dennis Peck (heart attack).


Week of June 29-July 5

65.  Bo Willis: leg injury from falling from a truck.

66.  Family of Tim Smith who passed away.

67.  Paul Anslow: heart problems.

68.  Sandy Gebhart: surgery on her toe.

69.  Family of Jim Artman passed away.

70.  Tierra Goddard: in ICU, high fever.

71.  Rusty Meeks: infection.

72.  Woody: chain saw accident.

73.  Newborn baby in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital: many problems.

74.  Sydney Sroufe: recovering from spinal surgery.


Week of June 22-28

75.  Quilts: Pam Robinson: Breast Cancer, Bea Browning: 102 yr. old w/ failing health.

76.  Dennis & Julie Christian: injuries from motorcycle accident.

77.  Jason: 2 yr old, attacked by Pitt Bull.

78.  Loretta Gehron’s sister.

79.  Terry Brandenburg: health issues.

80.  Praise: The Cox’s have a new Granddaughter, Samantha Elizabeth Miller.

81.  Joyce Green’s Grandmother: hospitalized w/ heart and blood pressure issues.

82.  Margaret Miller: hospitalized with UTI and Pneumonia.

83.  The family of Esther McElfresh who passed away.

84.  Mike Sienna: appendix cancer.

85.  Beverly Roberts: recovering from surgery.


Now all glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Glory to Him in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations forever and ever! Amen. (Ephesians 3:20-21, NLT)