Messages that Build a Christ Connection


The Cast of ChristmasThe Cast of Christmas

We’ve all been to Christmas Pageants. Children dressed up as various characters and placed in a nativity scene. Some are sheep or cows; others are shepherds or Magi. One boy will be Joseph, a girl will be Mary, and usually, a plastic doll baby is cast in the coveted role of baby Jesus.

Sometimes, we will go see a live nativity. Instead of children, adults brave our area’s cold December weather, to portray the human characters, and watch over live animals strategically stationed so that onlookers might pet them.

Have you ever look at the characters in these pageants or live nativities (or you own home crèche) and ask, “Who were these people? What were their stories? What brought them to go and witness this marvelous event?”

During Advent, we are looking at “The Cast of Christmas”, discovering life lessons from those who came to “see this thing that has taken place, which the Lord has made known to us.” (Luke 2:15)

Come join us.

November 30     Mary

December 7       Joseph

December 14     Magi and Herod

December 19     Shepherds and Angels

December 24     Jesus

December 28     Simeon and Anna


Be ThankfulBe Thankful

Of course, Thanksgiving is the time when we think about being thankful: for family, for health, for opportunities, for everything we have. More than football or shopping, Thanksgiving is that time when we pause and reflect.

But maybe that’s difficult for you. Your family is scattered, or worse, fractured. Your health is far from even good. Opportunities seem to have vanished. And your daily life is filled with reminders that you have so little.

During November, we will examine how we can be thankful to God in all situations. And in the process, we will find a greater peace in life.

November 2      For Family

November 9      That God’s In Control

November 16    That I Have a Job to Do

November 23   That Jesus is My King


Living in AbundanceLiving in Abundance

The last few years have been difficult on your wallet, your bank account, your retirement account. People are feeling squeezed with regards to their finances. This seems to be a time of less, a sense of lacking. Is that what’s really going on? Is there nothing out there that points to something better?

God promises something else, something not of this world: Abundance! The Bible uses words like “over-flowing”, “richness”, “multiplied”, to describe God’s blessings for His people.

Our 2014 Fall Stewardship campaign was called “Living in Abundance.” We looked at what is important in the life and ministry of the church, and then learned some strategies that help us be able to respond to God’s abundance, so that our church might reach out and others might experience abundance. 

October 5              If You Want It Bad Enough

October 12            You Will Figure a Way to Get

October 19            To A Place of Abundant Living

October 26            So That People Might Know Jesus



Fractured. That’s what much of our society is today. We are cut off from family members by jobs, relocations, even conflict within the family. Grandparents are hundreds of miles away. Adult brothers and sisters rarely see each other. Divorce splits families during the weekend. As a result, even in the highly connected world we live in, we are more alone than ever before.

One of the core values of our church is our commitment to Family, whether it is based on biology, where we live, or because of our spiritual connection. We are in community with one another.

During the month of September, we studied “Community” and how we can unite with one another and Build a Christ Connection.

September 7       Created for Community

September 14     Healthy Attitudes for a Spiritual Community

September 21     Ways to Love One Another

September 28     Breaking the “Habit” of Isolationism