Messages that Build a Christ Connection


The Church

The ChurchThe Church. What a wonderful place. For all her faults and times she has not lived up to the standard she is called to be, the Church is still one of the greatest institutions on the planet.

It is at the Church that people come to find hope, grace, forgiveness, and the message of salvation through Jesus Christ. It is in the Church that we discover a greater purpose and example of life, one that God wants us to live. It is with the Church that we become engaged in the mission to the world.

This spring, we will look at the first church, the Early Church, and the movement that turn the world upside down. Come join us.

April 26   “The Church is Empowered by the Holy Spirit”   Audio   Text

May 3      “The Church Preaches the Gospel”   Audio   Text

May 10    “The Church Changes Lives”   Audio   Text

May 17    “The Church Faces Persecution – Part 1”   Audio   Text

May 24   “The Church Faces Persecution – Part 2”

Easter Changes Everything

Easter Changes EverythingEaster Changes Everything! It really does. It is the pivot point for all of history. Everything before led to the death and resurrection of Jesus; everything afterwards is seen in its light.

It changed everything at the first Easter, and still does so as well.

April 5    Changes My Possibilities   Audio   Text

April 12  Changes My Focus   Audio   Text

April 19  Changes My Heart   Audio   Text

Dare to Be a Disciple

Dare to Be a DiscipleJesus said, “Go and make disciples…” Pretty good commission and something everyone would affirm.

But ask someone what a disciple is, what one looks like, or how does one become a disciple, and you are most likely to see an uncertain look on their face. “Well, I’m not really sure,” will likely be the answer you receive.

Wow. Have we strayed so far as to not understand this basic principle of Christianity?

The first disciples turned the world upside down at the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.

That’s our goal during our Lenten message series, “Dare to Be a Disciple.” We will explore the five aspects of discipleship at Germantown United Methodist Church.

March 8    Worship: Sunday and Beyond (Have I worshiped God this week?)   Audio   Text

March 15    Study and Pray Each Day (Have I met with God today?)   Audio   Text

March 22  Connect for Fellowship and Growth (Am I in a Growth Group?)   Audio   Text

March 29  Serve and Share with Love (Have I reached out in love for Christ?) and Give back to God (Am I a cheerful and generous giver?)   Audio   Text


Jocelyn Roper_webDay of Caring Guest Preacher

Rev. Jocelyn Roper, our Miami Valley District Superintendent, was our guest preacher for the Day of Caring

February 22    Free Food Served Here: Audio


Family Tree

Family TreeMost people have them. Some are large… even very large. Others can be quite small. Some go off in all kinds of directs. Other are close together. Some are full of vitality. Others have some bare spots.

Family Trees.

During our series, we will look at families and discover ways to love each other as God loves us, and grow together in the faith.

February 1    Sprouts: Audio  Text

February 8    Growing a Strong and Lasting Marriage: Audio  Text

February 15  Healthy Family Trees Require…: Audio   Text


New Life

New LifeIt’s 2015! A New Year! A new diet and workout program! A new habit or lifestyle! A new direction and vision! A chance to start over!

But before we can start over, we have to explore the reasons we feel we need a new start. We have to come to grips with current reality, so that our future hopes and dreams can become future reality.

During January, our message series was appropriately called “New Life.” We explored 3 very important areas in which we all could see some change in our lives. Plus we looked back on 2014 in our annual “State of the Church” message.

January 4     You Can Write A Different Story Of Your Life In 2015: Audio 

January 11   God Wants To Do A New Thing In Your Life: Audio 

January 18   Create A New Society: Audio 

January 25   The State of the Church: Audio  Text


The Cast of Christmas

The Cast of ChristmasWe’ve all been to Christmas Pageants. Children dressed up as various characters and placed in a nativity scene. Some are sheep or cows; others are shepherds or Magi. One boy will be Joseph, a girl will be Mary, and usually, a plastic doll baby is cast in the coveted role of baby Jesus.

Sometimes, we will go see a live nativity. Instead of children, adults brave our area’s cold December weather, to portray the human characters, and watch over live animals strategically stationed so that onlookers might pet them.

Have you ever look at the characters in these pageants or live nativities (or you own home crèche) and ask, “Who were these people? What were their stories? What brought them to go and witness this marvelous event?”

During Advent, we looked at “The Cast of Christmas”, discovering life lessons from those who came to “see this thing that has taken place, which the Lord has made known to us.” (Luke 2:15)

November 30     Mary

December 7       Joseph

December 14     Magi and Herod

December 19     Shepherds and Angels

December 24     Jesus

December 28     Simeon and Anna


Be Thankful

Be ThankfulOf course, Thanksgiving is the time when we think about being thankful: for family, for health, for opportunities, for everything we have. More than football or shopping, Thanksgiving is that time when we pause and reflect.

But maybe that’s difficult for you. Your family is scattered, or worse, fractured. Your health is far from even good. Opportunities seem to have vanished. And your daily life is filled with reminders that you have so little.

During November, we examined how we can be thankful to God in all situations. And in the process, we found a greater peace in life.

November 2      For Family

November 9      That God’s In Control

November 16    That I Have a Job to Do

November 23   That Jesus is My King


Living in Abundance

Living in AbundanceThe last few years have been difficult on your wallet, your bank account, your retirement account. People are feeling squeezed with regards to their finances. This seems to be a time of less, a sense of lacking. Is that what’s really going on? Is there nothing out there that points to something better?

God promises something else, something not of this world: Abundance! The Bible uses words like “over-flowing”, “richness”, “multiplied”, to describe God’s blessings for His people.

Our 2014 Fall Stewardship campaign was called “Living in Abundance.” We looked at what is important in the life and ministry of the church, and then learned some strategies that help us be able to respond to God’s abundance, so that our church might reach out and others might experience abundance. 

October 5              If You Want It Bad Enough

October 12            You Will Figure a Way to Get

October 19            To A Place of Abundant Living

October 26            So That People Might Know Jesus



CommunityFractured. That’s what much of our society is today. We are cut off from family members by jobs, relocations, even conflict within the family. Grandparents are hundreds of miles away. Adult brothers and sisters rarely see each other. Divorce splits families during the weekend. As a result, even in the highly connected world we live in, we are more alone than ever before.

One of the core values of our church is our commitment to Family, whether it is based on biology, where we live, or because of our spiritual connection. We are in community with one another.

During the month of September, we studied “Community” and how we can unite with one another and Build a Christ Connection.

September 7       Created for Community

September 14     Healthy Attitudes for a Spiritual Community

September 21     Ways to Love One Another

September 28     Breaking the “Habit” of Isolationism